This Portfolio

In the first place, why?

I created this portfolio first because my school asked me to create one to validate my first year.
But also to have something to show for recruiters other than just a GitHub profile.
I can explain what do I do, how, why, when I started etc.
This is why I created it using new technologies that I don’t know and designed it using the method my boss learned me during this time.

Portfolio creation


The design, conception, and general idea of the portfolio was realized on Figma.
A tool to create mock-ups, usually for websites.
All repeatable parts of the site are a composant that I can reuse and modify once to modify all, with also the ability to create variations of composants.
It is also working very well for teams as changes are seen in real time.

Overall, it is a great tool to visualise and design pages alone or for a team and is almost completely free, paid parts are optional and useful only for big teams.

Portfolio creation


The website was programmed using the language Kotlin, and the framework Kobweb built on top of Compose HTML.
I’m practicing with Kotlin since 2020, meaning I know well how to program in Kotlin.
It has pretty good documentation, and it is pretty straightforward to learn, Compose is pretty recent, so support is maybe a bit tedious to find.
The force of Kotlin is to be able to compile to JVM (like Java) but also to JavaScript, Native, and WebAssembler was recently started.
And once you join the Slack workspace for Kotlin, you’ll have response to your problems very easily and quickly.

Portfolio creation

Upload to the World

This website is statically hosted on Cloudflare using the Cloudflare Pages service.
When we say statically, it means the website isn't dynamic; it's simply a collection of files.
Since it primarily displays information, there's no need for dynamic functionality.

Cloudflare Pages is a free service that allows you to host your website on Cloudflare.
It's user-friendly and doesn't require any payment.
Namecheap provides the domain hosting, which is a paid service, but it's cost-effective and straightforward to use.

Portfolio creation